• Careers information

    Get advice about careers in engineering:

    • At school and considering engineering
    • At college or university and looking for a job
    • Already working and looking to give your career a boost.
  • Education policy research

    We campaign to shape education policy and raise the profile of engineering and engineering careers through reports and activities.

  • Supporting teachers

    Help inspire students to become engineers. Raise the profile of engineering in your school:

    • Spend time at an engineering company
    • Find out how to deliver new, practical STEM activities
    • Access useful resources and information.
  • Education engagement and outreach

    We work with schools and young people to inspire the next generation of engineers. Activities can include:

    • Organising fairs, events and competitions to excite young minds
    • Recruiting STEM ambassadors to share their experience and knowledge
    • Providing financial support for educational projects.

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